Who are we?

We are three energetic people involved in yoga, social sciences, photography, massage therapy, art and music. We love travel, good food and exquisite wine.
Natalia –  Former school teacher, current yoga instructor and masseuse, Natalia is from the province of Santa Fe. A lover of sports and passionate about art and music, Natalia has traveled throughout Argentina, to Italy, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, and the United States. She speaks Spanish, and some French and English. Natalia is our design expert. She knows how to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. She the sensitive one in the group. 
Gonzalo – Current entrepreneur, former social scientist and bar owner (in Sicily, Italy), Gonzalo comes from the city of Mendoza. A ski fanatic who loves the mountains, here in the city he spends his free time running through the green parks. He’s traveled throughout Europe, South America, and North America and speaks fluent Spanish, Italian, and English. Gonzalo is our finance guy. He keeps us in check and knows how to make a mean plate of pasta. He’s the group’s alchemist.
Angela – Former language teacher, current instructional designer, Angela is from Louisiana in the South of the United States. She’s lived in Italy, Panama, France, Egypt and now Argentina. Angela speaks English, Spanish, and Italian pretty well,  and makes-do in French and Arabic. She is our photographer and website developer, not to mention the singer in the group–we call her the “China Gringa” because her specialty is Argentinean folklore. 
 Natalia, Angela and Gonzalo 


34 responses to “Who are we?

  1. Cool blog.
    Very useful as I am coming to Argentina in a week.
    We will be in BA March 6 through 13. I have an apt in Barrio Norte. If you have the time for a lunch or whatever, I would love to hear your stories abou tlife in BA and other places!

  2. Your blog is awesome, guys! I’d like to invite you to join us over coffee to chat about travel, languages, etc.
    More info below:

    Meet friendly locals in Buenos Aires

    We are a group of people who practice English every Friday at a coffee shop in Buenos Aires. It’s an easy going and informal meeting, free, just for fun.
    We have been meeting every Friday for over 6 years to practice our English.
    All are at a level that enables us to speak English fluently, which is a requirement to participate.
    We like to chat about ordinary things but traveling is our favorite subject.
    Every Friday, foreign travelers who are on holidays in Buenos Aires and are interested in meeting “porteños” visit us. This kind of exchange and sharing of cultures and points of view means learning and developing for all of us.
    Tourists, backpackers, expats are all welcomed.
    If you are in Buenos Aires learning or practicing your Spanish, you can join us for dinner afterwards. At dinnertime we are free to use any language we choose.
    If you are interested in participating email us for further details.

    Contact Info
    Facebook Group:

  3. Hi Reg….. we’re so glad you find the blog useful. It would be great to meet up. Get in touch with us at santelmoloft@gmail.com.

    Enjoy your stay!

  4. Hi Gonzalo… it sounds like a fantastic group. We’ll be sure to pay you guys a visit! Looking forward to meeting you and the travelers who join you guys.

  5. Carly

    The loft looks wonderful! I am trying to plan in advance for a 3 month trip I’m going to be taking to BA early next year. I’m thinking I’ll head there Jan. 2 or 3, 2009. Is that too far in advance to reserve the loft? I’d like to go reserve it for 2 months, January and February and leave March kind of open. I’d also appreciate having you as a contact as I plan along the way. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

  6. Hi Carly, I sent you an email about booking the loft for January and February 2009. If for some reason you don’t get it, write to us at santelmoloft@gmail.com

    Thanks for your interest in our loft. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

  7. Hey, I just discovered your blog, and love the concept 🙂 Many thanks for adding me to your blog roll, I’m happy to do the same — keep the nice work (and the spread out the love for Tango) 😉


  8. Thanks Tanguera. We’ve just gotten started, but blogging is pretty cool. In my book, you’re an expert, so it’s great to know you find it interesting.

    San Telmo Loft Gang

  9. Hola, todos! Hey, Angela! Nice blog. Thanks for linking up with my blog! I´m gonna do the dame. See you ’round da city.

  10. Hey Evie… yep, loving your blog. Glad to see you made it our way too. Cheers!

  11. Cherie

    Hola Amigos!

    I love it and I’m so jealous! Me encanta la casa por las canitas! Y lo de mia? : ) Oye, creo que me voy a Peru fines de Junio y voy a pasar por Bs As a pasar un par de dias con ustedes!

    Un abrazo,
    Tu amiga de lejos en Singapur

  12. Hi,

    Just wanted to tell you that I’m really enjoying your blog. I never knew how many expressions revolved around the word pedo, nor how much Argentinos love their tripe, but this is all great cultural info. My g/f and I are moving to Buenos Aires in 39 days and I’m so stoked about it, and reading your blog is feeding my excitement. Lastly, thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog (I’m guessing it was Angela?). Anyway, it made me really happy (read: connected) to hear from other people with the same wanderlust, fascination and talent for joy. I’m gonna put your blog in my list of fave blogs right now. I hope we all get to hang out sometime and drink some nice earthy red wine together! Peace, Blessings, –j2b

  13. Cherie… can’t wait to see you again. Cuanto te vas a quedar?


  14. Hello Jackson! Loved reading your blog and looking forward to meeting you and the g/f when you get here. We’ll keep in touch. You’ll be here just in time to freeze 🙂 But then there’s spring… now that’s something worth freezing for.

    Cheers! Angela

  15. thank you so much for your blog, info etc!! i am coming to bs as in dec for three months.i make homemade gelato on paros island in greece. keep up the good work!!!

  16. stilllifeinbuenosaires

    Nunca supé que cantas. ¿Vamos a karaoke aca, si queres?

  17. Karaoke seria barbaro… y vos? Que vas a cantar???

  18. Denise, glad you found some useful information here. You’re going to love BA in December. There’s some pretty good gelato here too 🙂

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  20. Just found your blog as I’m doing some research on Jacaranda trees here in Buenos Aires. I’ve been here for two years now and am in love with all the trees. I would love to maybe meet with Angela and pick your brain about Argentine folklore, especially as it pertains to the trees. I know about (but not in much detail) a couple of legends – one about the Jacaranda and another about the Palo Borracho. Can I buy you a cup of coffee or can we share some mate someday soon?

    Besos, Beatrice

  21. Hi Beatrice… just sent you an email. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  22. Hola Angela, Natalia, y Gonzola,

    I am one of 6 Californians who just moved to Buenos Aires for the next 3 months. We are living in Parque Patricios at an industrial building turned experimental and technological art space called CheLA. Our professor bought the space years ago and we are now helping in the transformation and conducting art projects, shows, and parties of our own. I would love for us to meet up somehow and exchange stories, tips, advice, existential thoughts, friendships, etc. We all went to UCLA (I have a BA in Sociology) and recently graduated. Mutual and mixed interests in photography, theater, music, media arts, etc. Check out our blog at http://www.arjenteenuh.com and let us know if you are interested or have any knowledge to share.

    Hasta pronto amigos.


  23. Hi Emily… thanks so much for writing to us. Your project is great. Congratulations. And I love Parque Patricios…. what a great neighborhood. We’ll get in touch with you guys after the holidays. Looking forward to meeting you!

    Angela, Natalia and Gonzalo

  24. Becca Black

    Do you have the Pad available March 13 (Friday) thru March 17 (Tuesday)? It looks perfect for us, and we have looked at many places!

    We are a couple of writers from San Francisco (one of us via New Orleans!)

    Becca and Francis

  25. Hi Becca and Francis… both the loft and the pad are booked through March 23. What a shame. It really would have been perfect for a couple of writers from San Francisco/NoLa. Feel free to ask our advice on other places if you aren’t sure of the location. Our email is santelmoloft@gmail.com.

    Have a great trip! And best of luck with the search.

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  27. Lelia

    Hey Guys, cool site, congrats!
    I loved it reading it.. wish new before to rent from u the space, being in BA for a month, would love to step by and meet you all, check you apts.. I have family and gotta come down every year, cheers!
    Lelia, NYC.

  28. Hi Lelia,

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Glad to know that you liked the blog. Are you in BA now? It would be great to meet up. If not, then do get in touch when you’re heading back.


  29. Chris

    Any (good) recommendations for yoga in BA?

  30. Hi Chris… sorry for the late response. I’ve been away on assignment. Let me check with Naty. She’s the yoga guru. The only place I am familiar with is called Valle Tierra in Palermo. I know there are others though. Will get back to you with some details by email. Cheers…. Angela

  31. Great blog! Looks like you guys are having lots of fun and definitely know how to spread your love for BA! Keep it up!

    @ China Gringa: tsup stranger?

  32. Hey Stranger… I love the Villa Romana in Pedasi. Wow. The trees have gotten so big. Of course it has been about 10 years since I was last in Pedasi. Great to hear from you and see that you guys are doing well. Besos y abrazos…. come visit us!!!!

  33. Hi Ange,
    just found out about your loft.. you never told me! ;o) …

    I am looking soooooooo much forward to having you here in Stuttgart next year. Please let me know soonest about your traveling dates – just to make sure we are there. I am still a litte traveller! :o) …
    All fine here, just f….ing cold! Of course I meant freezing!
    Mucho besos y abrazos, queridísima amiga!

  34. Really? I never told you. Wow. We definitely need to talk more often. Stuttgart will give us the chance. I can’t wait…. guess it will be either late April or mid-May. The wedding we’re going to is early May. I’ll let you know as soon as we book flights and stuff…

    Ha! You’re freezing joke was good…. te mando un beso gigante!!!!!
    Chau chau… Angela

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