San Telmo Loft

Situated in San Telmo, the most enigmatic barrio of Buenos Aires, this warm and enticing loft offers a perfect refuge after a long day of discovering the mysteries of Buenos Aires. The loft is on the second floor of a characteristic turn-of-the-century building.

Living Room

Two blocks from Plaza Dorrego and two blocks from Puerto Madero, you’ll be within walking distance of two of the most intriguing neighborhoods of Buenos Aires—San Telmo, among the oldest, and Puerto Madero, the most modern.

Living Room

Consistent with the turn-of-the-century architecture of the building itself, the interior design combines sensual and dynamic colors giving it the feel of a Toulouse-Lautrec painting. It recalls Paris of la Belle Époque and the Moulin Rouge — bohemian, enjoying dual-moralities, celebrating the hidden vices of the upper classes as they delighting in their freedom from prevailing conventionalisms and stereotypes.

Kitchen to Living Room

The sofa divides the section with the kitchen, desk space, downstairs bathroom and laundry area from the living area which is ideal for relaxing with a book or listening to music. Every detail from paint on the walls to the appliances in the kitchen to the fabric of the sofa was handmade by the interior designer which gives it an intimate and personal touch.


San Telmo is more than a furnished apartment; it’s a home. Because we’ve stayed in too many of those vacation rentals that look like they were furnished with the abandoned bits found in family members’ attics, unwanted furniture stuck randomly in an apartment with zero consideration for space, we’ve paid attention to the details and created a home we’d love to live in. You’ll love it, too.  A spiral staircase leads to the bedroom and master bathroom. The parquet floors turns to a metal support letting in light from below and creating an airy, spacious ambiance and looking out onto the living room, its paintings, and windows.


Cobblestone streets and balconied mansions make San Telmo the most traditional barrio of Buenos Aires.  The boundaries of the barrio are the streets Chile, Piedras, Av. Casero y Defensa, Av. Martín Garcia y Av. Paseo Colon (where the loft is located).

Bar Plaza Dorrego

You’ll want to explolre San Telmo’s Casas de Tango, small traditional restaurants known as bodegones, antique bars, and trendy shops. Day or night, San Telmo is full of activity.

Plaza Dorrego

To find our exact location, type in Paseo Colon 1131 on Buenos Aires Mapping. To contact us, visit our Contact Us page at our new website  San Telmo Loft.


USD$400 per week

USD$950 per month


22 responses to “San Telmo Loft

  1. Julie Feng

    Beautiful loft. Just wondering if it’s available for rent for a 3 day weekend (25 – 28 Apr.). If yes, please let me know the rate.

    Enjoyed reading your blog and thank you.


  2. martin

    hola quisiera saber si tienen algun loft para alkilar, sin muebles por 24 meses, muchas gracias

  3. Really beautiful place!

  4. Thanks La Tanguera… of course we love our loft, but we’re biased. Glad you like it too!

  5. Helena Werren

    Is your loft available this winter, starting in July? What is the monthly rate?

  6. Hi Helena,

    I’ve sent you an email about the availability for July. Hope to hear from you soon!


  7. Hola,
    Les quiero enviar una propuesta de Alquiler de Celulares FREE para darle a los huespedes del departamento / “casita”

    A que dire se lo puedo enviar?

    Aguardo su respuesta.

    Muchas Gracias!

    Guillermo Navarro
    Incoming Department
    Phonerental & Argentina Inside-Walker Travel
    San Martin 948 3º floor – Buenos Aires – Argentina
    Tel. 24Hs.: + (54 11) 4311-2933 | Fax: + (54 11) 5276-9405
    AI Mail:
    MSN, ON LINE ASSISTANCE: phonerental
    Phonerental Offices:
    Office Mendoza(Arg): |
    Tel: + (54 261) 15-532-1160
    Office Cordoba(Arg): |
    Tel: + (54 351) 15-509-0640
    Office Mexico(DF): | Tel: + (52-55) 5250-9996
    Office USA (CA): |
    Tel: + (1)-800-335-3705
    Web: |
    Argentina Inside de Walker Travel Argentina
    (EVT. Leg. 12288 Argentinian Association of Travel Agencies)
    OFFICE: Florida 930 Piso 4 Of D | TEL: [+ 54-11]-4312-7108

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  9. carly

    Just sent you an email to the gmail address…curious about availability this weekend (Aug.1-4th). Hope to hear from you!

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  11. githa

    Does the loft have 2 bedrooms???

  12. Hi Githa,

    Actually the loft does not have 2 bedrooms, but the pad (our second apartment in the same building) does.


  13. The Loft, it is a magical place, and so are its wonderful owners..This place is amazing..such a wonderful energy, and helped us fall in love with Buenos Aires and make it a home..We came for just a short stay..and now cant seem to leave…Gonzalo, Natty, and Angela..are three of the sweetest people We have ever met in our travels,

    It is worth staying just to meet them and for the chance of Gonzalo’s bbq’s! They helped us with whatever problems we had, no matter how small, any time day or night..You can not go wrong here..Take a chance, and you will be greatly rewarded..

    James y Whitney

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  15. Luiza

    Oh! I just rented a loft in the same building with another agency, what a pity…
    Hope to get to meet you guys at some point. I’m coming in July 3th an leaving in July 15th. Great blog by the way.
    Hugs from Brasil.

  16. Luiza… yes, it’s a pity! But you’re going to love this building. We definitely do. And the other apartments I know of here that are listed as vacation rentals are really nice (not as nice as the loft ;-0 ) Do get in touch with us when you get here. Send us an email at We’d love to meet you and maybe introduce you to whoever is staying in the loft. It’s always great to meet other travelers. Um beijo (that’s about all I know in Portuguese)… Angela

  17. Carlo Frigerio


    my name is Carlo, I really loved your useful blog and the amazing loft!

    I’ m planning to visit Buenos Aires with my girlfriend in August from the 9th to tha 12th.
    I would like to know if it is posible to rent the loft only for three nights.


  18. Ciao Carlo,

    I’ve just sent you an email. Thanks so much for getting in touch with us and we’re thrilled to know the blog info is useful!

    Mille grazie,

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