La Reserva Ecológica

Rain and more rain. We didn’t get to go to La Reserva this weekend. Why not write about it?

So, JB and I have been living in San Telmo for about a month now and after falling in love with the architecture, the fabulous market (where they even have cilantro and mint ALL THE TIME!), the street vendors and musicians, the dark corners, the fancy and not-so-fancy restaurants, a pretty good Middle Eastern restaurant (which we’ll have to write about some other time), what’s really sold us on San Telmo after two years in Palermo is La Reserva.

La Reserva

There are tons of beautiful parks in Buenos Aires, but La Reserva is in a league of its own. Oddly, views of the river are fairly rare in the city. That alone is reason enough to love La Reserva (images here). Trek around the over 5-mile trail (map here) on foot or bike, or pack a picnic with goodies from San Telmo’s market or bakeries and watch the cargo ships go by. There are plenty of spots along the trail with benches, picnic tables, or rocky shores where you can be alone, another rare event in this immense city.

La Reserva is closed on Mondays and also closed during and after big rainstorms. It opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM in winter and 7:00 PM in summer.



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5 responses to “La Reserva Ecológica

  1. Oh, I wish there were hiking trails like that along the river here in Necochea. That’s one thing I do miss. The park looks like an excellent place for a picnic. Have fun there when you finally get some nice weather (I write this as the rain pounds the windows!).

  2. Oh yes… it’s great to have the Reserva. But Nocochea looks like one big reserva everywhere you look!

  3. Heh,

    I used to like your blog, what happened to it, did domestic bliss fall apart? Well, I’m here now, have been for a month and every day brings more pleasure than the last. I’ve bought some good meat, done a lot of cooking, bought some fabulous horses and got to grips with castellano. Summer is coming so if you fancy meeting to share food, pools, tennis, campo and all the other good things let me know.
    Just done the Fangio home study, computer based, grand theft auto, driving course, so can be in ST in a millisecond!


  4. Hey Miles… I know, I know. It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve posted. I got a photo gig and now we’re trying to move the blog over to our own domain. It’ll be back up soon. Glad you’ve enjoyed it. Summer is coming and it would great to meet up. I’ll send you an email. Good to know you could get over to ST in a millisecond 🙂


  5. Heh, we got a photo gig too…official photographers for the Argentine Open in Palermo, they give you a nice red smock to wear that says..well you guessed it? Anyway, I started my own, highly opinionated, blog as well. So for people missing yours its Send me a mail if you would like to meet up.


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