Introducing The Pad!

We’ve been busy lately getting our new two-bedroom apartment ready to rent out. It’s ready! It’s in the same building as The Loft, but one floor up, which means it has a terrace. Great news for those who want a quiet place to read or feel like trying their hand at Argentinean grilling

Airy and Breezy

We’re still working on getting more pictures and updating our website. The Pad rented out so fast, we hardly had time to document all of the artistic details that make this place so unique.


We’ll announce the updated website here, but if you’re on your way to Buenos Aires and looking for a stylish, roomy, apartment to rent. We’ve got it.



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4 responses to “Introducing The Pad!

  1. I love the colors and the detail in the glass. Excellent work!

    Will you be starting San Telmo Pad? 😉

  2. Angela, Naty and Gonzalo,

    Congratulations! It’s wonderful to see that you’re expanding. We hope everything is well with you all.

    Take care,

    Taryn & Kyle

  3. We’re so glad you like it. How long have you heard about “the pad” and you didn’t even know its name? Well, we had to think of something that went along with San Telmo Loft. Seeing as it isn’t a loft, pad seemed to work. People will have to come wearing bellbottoms and sandals to the pad 🙂

    Anyway, can’t wait to show it to you when you get back. We miss you!

  4. Thanks so much Taryn and Kyle! Now when you guys come back down south we can prepare an asado on the terrace and Gonzalo can show Kyle how to be a true asador!

    Hope you guys are enjoying the holidays! Always so great to hear from you…..

    Angela, Naty, and Gonzalo

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