No Fair Winds in Buenos Aires

Close your windows and stay indoors. Buenos Aires is under a black cloud of smoke brought in from the burning grass fields north of the city. The smoke is heading towards Uruguay and without any rain and little wind, it looks like we’re going to have burning eyes and scratchy throats for the days to come.

Map of Smoke Path

Airports, ports, bus terminals and highways have been closed. Firefighters are having trouble breaking through the cloud of smoke by helicopter or airplane to put the fires out that have spread over thousands of hectares. Once again the government and farmers are in disagreement as the government accuses farmers of illegally starting the fires to prepare their fields for grazing.

Polo Field in Buenos Aires

A little over a week ago, I headed up to the roof of my building to take some pictures of a polo match. It was a gorgeous day, very typical of Buenos Aires.

Polo Field Black Smoke

When I got up this morning, I couldn’t see the buildings just beyond the field.

River in Distance

On a good day, I can see the river behind the hippodrome and casino.

River in Distance

Today I could just barely make out the casino and the lights of the racetrack.

Buenos Aires Contrast

So I pasted the two shots together for a drastic comparison. Cough, cough.



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2 responses to “No Fair Winds in Buenos Aires

  1. stilllifeinbuenosaires

    I am feeling it in my throat now, too. I wish we weren’t so helpless against it.

  2. Well, so today seemed to be smoke-free for the most part. Phfew. It was really unbearable. Hopefully our scratchy throats will heal soon too!

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