No Beef

Butcher shops are empty. The beef aisles in the supermarkets are bare. If restaurants are serving beef, it’s likely from frozen stashes. The two-week farmer’s strike which threatens to leave the markets not just without beef, but without dairy and other staples doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Farmers have blocked the roads and stopped shipping goods to protest sliding export duties which sometimes reach 41% (soybeans). 

Argentinean Parilla

  For the past hour, the city has been filled with honking horns meant to tell the government that the people (and not just the farmers) want to see a change in the fiscal policy. When Boca or River win, the city is filled with honking horns, but nothing compared to tonight’s. 

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez refused to lower the tax hikes today. And the farmers vowed to continue the strike as long as is necessary.

 At least 9,000 cattle typically enter the city’s stockyardsfor slaughter. This week, not one animal arrived.

If you’re here in Argentina this week, I think you’ll be eating a lot of ham and cheese. Or try some of the amazing vegetarian restaurants I wrote about earlier here



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4 responses to “No Beef

  1. bluewaveted

    hi. i couldn;t help but check out your blog when i saw your post title! the concept of no beef is scary to me! a man needs his meat i always say. Hopefully, the farmers and the government come into an agreement soon. A ham sandwich is great every once in a while, but its a different story if you hafta eat it every single day!

  2. We’re hoping it will end this Wednesday. We got a bit of relief on Saturday when a few trucks were allowed to come into the city. But the two sides are still holding out. At least we’ll all lose a little weight in the meantime.

    Thanks for commenting and take care!

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