In the Time of the Jacaranda

Spring is coming to a close and the jacarandas are leaving their purple snow throughout the plazas of Buenos Aires. For one month driving along just about any road in the city was more festive. In terms of urban planning, lining the streets with these lovely trees was brilliant. Jacaranda


Here’s a song that celebrates the beauty of the jacaranda in castellano (the Argentine term for Spanish) and in Guarani, the language of one of the native tribes of South America.


 Canción del Jacarandá

Al este y al oeste llueve y lloverá una flor y otra flor celeste del jacarandá.

La vieja está en la cueva pero ya saldrá para ver que bonito nieva del jacarandá.

Se ríen las ardillas, ja jajá jajá, porque el viento le hace cosquillas al jacarandá.

El cielo en la vereda dibujando está con espuma y papel de seda del jacarandá.

El viento como un brujo vino por acá. Con su cola barrió el dibujo del jacarandá.

Si pasa por la escuela, los chicos, quizá, se pondrán una escarapela del jacarandá


Carova Purahei

Eetepe ha Oestepe Oky ha okyve vaera Petei yvoty ha otro yvoty hovy Carova regua.

Pe guaigui oi ikuape Pero ya osê tama O hecha hagua iporaha pe roy kui Pe carovagui gua.

O puka umi cuati ja jaja jaja porque la yvytu o mo kyryi carovape.

Pe yvaga raãnga Tape poi pe oi Y ryjui ha kuatia sakã carova gui guá.

Pe yvytu peteî ava pajeicha Ou koarupi Ha huguaipe oi typei Pe carova raangã.

O hasaramo mboe’ roga rupi Ikatu mitakuera o ñe mbo jegua 

Carova guigua scarapelape. 




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4 responses to “In the Time of the Jacaranda

  1. I used to love that song back when I was a child. It was written by Maria Elena Walsh, a recognized author of songs and stories for children here. I’m from Cordoba, and I loved the way you describe our country… You are even making me want to go to Buenos Aires right now, hehe

  2. Thanks for adding the writer of the song. That’s great. If we can make a Cordobes want to visit BA, we’re really getting somewhere. Cordoba is gorgeous!

    By the way, I saw your blog…. good stuff!!!!

  3. marcelo gil

    lindisimoo arbol
    kiti y nuil besos

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